Welcome to TAXi!

TAXi!, or Taxonomy Innovations, is a database developed to study the cladogenesis process among bacterial genomes.

The database was developed by Dr. Lucas Ferreira and Dr. J. Miguel Ortega, at the Laboratório de Biodados at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. The database used data collected from already published open databases as the source of the developed study. The published databases are Uniprot and MicrobiesOnline, both were used to collect data of gene clusters and operons prediction.

During the development were also used tools from Laboratório de Biodados to create this database, the determination of Lowest common ancestor is a tool provided as a web service by the laboratory. The backend for database creation was developed in java and all collected data stored in MySQL databases.

This work was performed as part of the doctoral course of Dr. Lucas Ferreira at the Laboratório de Biodados.