Brazilian Webinars on Bioinformatics

BrazWebinars are a series of webinars on Bioinformatics in Brazil made available for joint participation of PhD programs that comprise Bioinformatics or Computational Biology as areas of interest. With a high capacity interface that allows for up to 500 or even 1000 participants, PhD programs may include them as activities of their own. All students and researchers are welcome to BrazWebinars events.

Each BrazWebinar is scheduled for a time selected by its coordinating host/chairperson, and thus may vary from seminar to seminar. All BrazWebinars are already confirmed for the dates listed below, and the links for accessing will be posted here closer to the date.

January (2021)

January 22th (Friday, 2PM) – in Portuguese

Evolutionary models and computational simulations: Testing the Extended Fitness hypothesis

Dr Sandro de Souza, UFRN

Chair: Carlos Menck, USP
Link ID: 845 0186 3271 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

January 29th (Friday, 2PM)

Protein Docking and Design with Applications in T-cell Receptor Recognition of Antigens

Dra Zhiping Weng, Program in Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology, UMASS Medical School, USA

Chair: Raquel Minardi, UFMG
Link ID: 845 0186 3271 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

February (2021)

February 26th (Friday, 2PM)

An ENCODE Registry of Candidate cis-Regulatory Elements for Human and Mouse

Dra Zhiping Weng, Program in Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology, UMASS Medical School, USA

Chair: Elisa Donnard, Broad Institute
Link ID: 946 1134 0443 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

March (2021)

March 26th (Friday, 2PM)

Sensitive tree-of-life scale protein alignment using DIAMOND

Dr Benjamin Buchfink, Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen, Germany

Chair: Gabriel Fernandes, IRR Fiocruz Minas
Link ID: 959 1978 7208 passwd: brazweb21

April (2021)

April 14th (Wednesday, 11AM)

Evolutionary Medicine for the microbiome: Towards rational microbiome engineering

Dr. Jonas Schluter,  NYU Grossman School of Medicine, USA

Chair: Lucymara Fassarella Agnez-Lima, UFRN
Link ID: 925 7534 8278 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

April 30th (Friday, 11AM)

Disease and functional relevance of protein phosphorylation

Dr. Pedro Beltrao, EMBL-EBI, UK

Chair: João Paulo Matos Santos Lima, UFRN
Link ID: 931 7862 3178 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

May (2021)

May 7h (Friday, 2PM ) – in Portuguese

Impacts of artificial intelligence on medicine

Dr. Nivio Ziviani, Professor Emeritus at DCC/UFMG and Kunumi co-founder

Chair: Marcos Santos, UFMG
Link ID: 955 4765 5222 passwd: brazweb YouTube

May 28th (Friday, 2PM )

What we have learned from analysing ancient genomes

Drª Janet Kelso, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, DE

Chair: Arthur Gruber, USP
Link ID: 980 8263 9008 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

June (2021)

Rescheduled September 20th

miRabel, a web tool for efficient prediction of microRNA targets. Application for the study of hormone hypersecretion in neuroendocrine cancers

Dr Christophe Dubessy, Université de Rouen Normandie, France

Chair: Vinícius Maracajá, Universidad de Chile

July (2021)

July 2nd (Friday, 2PM ) – in Portuguese

The role of bioinformatics in combating the pandemic: from basic research to therapies and surveillance

Dr. Gabriel Fernandes, IRR/Fiocruz-MG

Chair: Liza Felicori, UFMG
Link ID: 937 0032 4014 passdw: brazweb21 YouTube

July 7th (Wednesday, 11AM) – in Portuguese

UniProt (World Center for Protein Knowledge) – version 2021

Leonardo Gonzales, Software Engineer EMBL-EBI, UK

Chair: Tetsu Sakamoto, UFRN
Link ID: 961 3850 3692 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

July14th (Wednesday, 11AM) – in Portuguese

Clinical impact of macrophage subpopulations on the tumor microenvironment

Drª Mariana Boroni, INCA-RJ, co-founder of CellSeq and OneSkin

Chair: Tetsu Sakamoto, UFRN
Link Google Meets YouTube

July 23th (Friday, 2PM)

Doing Bioinformatics and Epidemiology in global FAIR Data Spaces – the planet of the Apps where code travels to the data

Dr Jonas Almeida, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute, USA

YouTubeChair: Ana Tereza Vasconcelos, LNCC
Link ID: 915 3061 5290 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

July 28th (Wednesday, 11AM)

Exploring gene expression in single cells with Single Cell Expression Atlas

Drª Irene Papatheodorouker, EMBL-EBI, UK

Chair: Glória Franco, UFMG
Link ID: 975 7140 6593 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

August (2021)

August 4th (Wednesday, 11AM) – in Portuguese

A mysterious 80 nm amoeba virus with a near-complete ORFan genome challenges the classification of DNA viruses

Paulo Boratto, PhD program in Microbiology, UFMG

Chair: Aristóteles Góes-Neto, UFMG
Link ID: 882 5666 1585 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

August 13th (Friday, 2PM) – in Portuguese

Transfer RNA: The Molecular Demiurge at the Origin of Life

Dr Sávio Torres de Farias, UFPB

Chair: Francisco Prosdocimi, IBqM-UFRJ
Link ID: 825 1279 9307 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

August 20th (Friday, 2PM)

The efficiency of gene regulation: how speed and accuracy influence mRNA processing

Dra Athma Pai, RNA Therapeutics Institute, UMASS Medical School, USA

Chair: Glória Franco, UFMG
Link ID: 853 4704 2079 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

September (2021)

September 10th (Friday, 2PM; 6PM in UK)

Exploring molecular interactions in high detail with IntAct

Dr Henning Hermjakob, EMBL-EBI, UK

Chair: Sandro de Souza, UFRN
Link ID: 890 8401 4492 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

October (2021)

October 1st (Friday, 2PM; 7PM in Lux)

Covid-19 disease map: building a computational repository of SARS-CoV-2 virus-host interaction mechanisms

Dr Marek Ostaszewski, University of Luxembourg

Chair: Reinhard Schneider, Univ. Luxembourg
Link ID: 872 8270 6415 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

October 15th (Friday, 2PM; 1PM in USA)

Simulating genetic diversity in heterogenous landscapes: why, how, limits and perspectives

Dr Arnaud Becheler, University of Michigan, USA

Chair: Cecilia Fiorini, UFMG
Link ID: 839 8099 2172 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

October 20th (Wednesday, 11AM; 4PM in France)

miRabel, a web tool for efficient prediction of microRNA targets. Application for the study of hormone hypersecretion in neuroendocrine cancers

Dr Christophe Dubessy, Université de Rouen Normandie, France

Chair: Vinícius Maracajá, Universidad de Chile
Link ID: 856 6502 0454 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

November (2021)

November 5th (Friday, 2PM; 1PM in NYC)

Machine Learning to Impute Knowledge in Molecular Systems Biology and Systems Pharmacology

Dr Avi Ma’ayan, Mount Sinai Center for Bioinformatics, USA

Chair: Helder Nakaya, USP
Link ID: 874 5080 7664 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

November 12th (Friday, 2PM – in Portuguese)

How genomics and transcriptomics are helping us understand reproductive infertility in Drosophila

Dr. Guilherme Baião, Inst. Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University, Suécia

Chair: Aristóteles Góes Neto, UFMG
Link ID: 838 7015 4821 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

December (2021)

December 3rd (Friday, 2PM; 11AM in Chicago)

The compressed molecular vocabulary of life

Dr. Gustavo Caetano-Anollés, Univ. Illinois, USA

Chair: Savio Farias, UFPB
Link ID: 853 2884 4476 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

Schedule 2022

January (2022)

January 14th – (Friday 2PM; 9AM in California)

Big Data and Health

Dr. Michael Snyder, Director of Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine, USA

Chair: Eduardo Tarazona, UFMG
Link ID: 817 5591 5831 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

January 21st – (Friday 2PM; 6PM in Rome)

MicroRNAs and cross-kingdom, a new research frontier for personalised medicine

Dr. Stefano Pirrò, MirNat, Italy

Chair: Marta Giovanetti, IOC/Fiocruz
Link ID: 837 9204 7008 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

February (2022)

February 11th (Friday 2PM; 9AM in San Diego)

Building and Visualizing the Molecular Cell

Dr. Arthur J. Olson, Anderson Research Chair Professor, The Scripps Research Institute, USA

Chair: Rafaela Ferreira, UFMG
Link ID: 892 9949 0024 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

February 25th (Friday 2PM; 5PM in Hinxton)

A new era in structural biology: The impact of structure prediction using AI methods

Dr. Sameer Velankar, PDBe Team Leader- EMBL-EBI

Chair: Lucas Bleicher, UFMG
ID: 830 4974 6735 passwd: brazweb21 YouTube

March (2022)

March 30th – new date (Wednesday 11AM; 10AM in NYC) – in Portuguese

Genomic context sensitivity of insulator functions

Dr. André M Ribeiro-dos-Santos, Center for Synthetic Regulatory Genomics. NYU

Chair: Sandro de Souza, UFRN
Link ID: 854 4139 4610 passwd: brazweb21

April (2022)

April 6th (Wednesday 11AM) – in Portuguese

Cassette Tape, Floppy Disk, HD, Zip Drive, CD, DVD, Web, Pen Drive, SSD, AppStore, Arduino: Life and Death in Educational Software Development

Dr. Eduardo Galembeck, UNICAMP

Meeting ID: 893 8623 4034
Password: brazweb21

Chair: Tetsu Sakamoto, UFRN
Link ID: 854 4139 4610 passwd: brazweb21

May (2022)

May 6th (Friday 11AM) – in portuguese 

High-Performance Bioinformatics – A Corporate Vision at Varsomics

Dr. Rafael Guedes (Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein/Varsomics

May 20th (Friday 2PM; 6PM in Glasgow)

Single cell transcriptomics in parasites – where are we?

Dr. Thomas Dan Otto, University of Glasgow, Scotland

Meeting ID: 816 4993 6179
Password: brazweb21

Chair: Ana Carolina Ramos Guimarães, IOC Fiocruz
Link ID: 861 1512 1433 passwd: brazweb21

June (2022)

June 3rd (Friday 2PM in Mato Grosso do Sul) – in Portuguese

Multiple Alignment of Long Sequences in Multi-GPU Environment

Dr. Marco Aurélio Stefanes, Facom, UFMS

Meeting ID: 862 2608 1977
Password: brazweb21

Chair: Jorge Stefano de Souza, UFRN
Link ID: 860 3218 8869 passwd: brazweb21

July (2022)

July 6th (Wednesday 11AM in Pará) – in Portuguese

The Gut Microbiome of Brazilian Amazonians across diverse lifestyles

Ana Paula Schaan, PhD Program in Genetics and Molecular Biology, UFPA

Meeting ID: 850 2836 6531
Password: brazweb21

Chair: Ândrea Ribeiro dos Santos, UFPA
Link ID: 860 3218 8869 passwd: brazweb21

July 8th (Wednesday 11AM)

Computational tools for accurate, fast and memory-frugal analysis of bulk and single-cell RNA-seq data

Dr. Rob Patro, Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Maryland

ID da reunião: 825 6158 7642
Senha de acesso: brazweb21 

Chair: Mariana Boroni, INCA

Centro de Laboratórios Multiusuários ICB UFMG
Associação Brasileira de Bioinformática e Biologia Computacional